Newcastle! We are excited to announce our Styx Brewery X Nagisa Collaboration event.
Earlier this year we revealed our new exclusive Nagisa Gin and asked the community to help us name it. The winning name was “Amato” which was shortened from Amaterasu. This is Japanese for “heavenly rock cave” which is a story from Japanese Mythology.
We have also revealed that the image on the bottle was designed by local artist Ineke Higgins.
This event will be celebrated over 2 nights and served with a 5 course degustation with matching Cocktails and of course our Amato Gin.
Due to restrictions numbers will be strictly limited and this event is due to book out. To secure your table book online
Dates: Tuesday 23rd / Wednesday 24th June
Start Time: 6:30
Location: Nagisa Japanese Restaurant
Price: $142 per person
Course 1 – Styx Gin Tasting Paddle
Apellation Oyster Trio
Ponzu Dressing, Pickled Onion, Lemon Myrtle
Lychee Mandarin Granita, Fresh Tasmanian Wasabi
Yuzu Salsa Verde, Thomas Wines Semillon Verjus
Course 2 – Achilles Gin – Cucumber Lime Gimlet
Ginger Poached Queensland Blue Swimmer Crab and Green Apple Salad,
Ponzu Mayonnaise, Green Avocado Mojo, Cress and Sansho Oil,Salted Baby Cucumber,
Lilly Pilly, Yarra Valley Salmon Caviar, Karasumi Mullet Roe, Finger Lime
Course 3 – Bullock Island Navy Strength Gin – Navy Strength Negroni Sour
Juniper and Sansho Cured Salmon Gravalax,
Green Tea Roasted Fennel, Caramelized Beetroot,
Crisp Nori Salted Salmon Skin, Pickled Onion,
Mandarin Balsamic Jelly, Wild Black Rice ‘popcorn’,
Wholegrain Mustard Yuzu Crème Fraiche
Course 4 – Nagisa Amato Gin – Amato Red Snapper
Soy Ginger Braised Binnie Beef Wagyu Karubi, Kimchi Shallots,
Lemon Myrtle, Pickled Carrot, Panko Crumbed Epoisses,
Baked Uprising Sourdough Crisps,
Japanese Curry Spiced Pumpkin Soup
Course 5 – Nagisa Amato Gin – Dirty Gin and Tonic
Sensha infused Tofu Cheesecake, Yuzu crumb,
Mandarin Jam, Sansho Mandarin Zest Shards